Wait – don’t unfollow that account!

I’ve noticed recently a lot of people unfollowing followers in Twitter who haven’t struck up a conversation with them. Now of course they are entirely within their rights so to do, but before you use mass-unfollow tools, or even do this manually, I’d recommend just thinking whether those users are the ones you really should be ditching.

Statistically there are a proportion of social media account holders who simply like to browse. Just as in any social situation there are people who are naturally interactive and enjoy a natter, there are others who prefer to sit quietly in a corner and observe. This doesn’t make them any less welcome at the party – and in fact very often in their quiet way they deliver the most eloquent and sensible contributions when encouraged into a discussion.

This is no different in Twitter and we shouldn’t assume that just because someone hasn’t tweeted for a few days they haven’t been listening. There is also no penalty to your account in having followers who don’t say a lot – in fact I’d argue it’s those we follow who chatter incessantly who are the greater burden, and even worse those who are self-obsessed about themselves or their businesses, services, or products and clearly have an agenda that doesn’t feature you in it other than to spread their message that are the better ones to drop!

So, before you weed out the quiet followers on your account bear in mind that they may read every single word you post – and who knows may even have been a future customer or colleague!

A quiet friend is no less a friend 😉

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