How to find the answer to anything

I still get amazed on an almost daily basis how intelligent people ask others in person or on social media questions that if they’d only typed the same set of words into Google they would have found the result instantly!

It’s true. By far the biggest tip I can ever give anybody who has a question they need answering is to simply go to Google and type the question as if you were asking a human! Trust me it really works.

You can use this tip for absolutely anything because Google Inc., have cleverly coded their search engine to interpret the semantics of a question. “What’s on at the movies tonight”, “Who won the world cup in 1966”, “where is the best place to get a suit tailored” – all work. Google also pay big bucks to Twitter and Facebook to collate answers from similar questions in social media too – so you can also get real humans answering your question in a real human way.

Try it next time you need to know anything and you’ll be amazed that it actually works.

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