Recipe for the longest possible life

A recipe for the longest possible life:

  1. Don’t laugh or cry
  2. Don’t visit foreign countries
  3. Don’t shake hands
  4. Don’t kiss
  5. Wear protective clothing at all times
  6. Don’t swim in the ocean
  7. Don’t swim in a pool
  8. Stick to basic foods
  9. Don’t take risks
  10. Keep your thoughts to yourself


A recipe for the happiest possible life:

  1. Laugh often andĀ make others laugh with you
  2. Cry in sympathy, cry in sorrow, cry in joy
  3. EmbraceĀ friends, embrace strangers
  4. Love everyone and be loved
  5. Travel the world and see as much as you can of it
  6. Wear what you want, be who you want
  7. Swim in every sea and bask on every beach
  8. Sample new flavours every day
  9. Take risks without reward
  10. Share your wisdom and treat everyone you meet as a teacher.


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