Review: Battlefield Hardline (beta) and Destiny (alpha) on PS4

I’ve been playing the beta of Battlefield Hardline and Bungie’s alpha of their forthcoming MMO Destiny over the weekend (PS4).

Both are amazing – but the depth to Destiny, given the alpha is a tiny glimpse of what the full game will offer is astonishing. Even solo play/story levels can (and usually do) involve other real-time players and it’s this big investment in social game play which makes it the game equivalent of an ever-lasting gob-stopper.

Destiny is definitely a keeper (I rent games normally). Can see it lasting for years, literally!

Good review here:

Battlefield: Hardline is a new spin on the normal war zones scenario of Battlefield. This time it’s cops vs robbers! Set in LA, the beta is only the multiplayer option and restricted to two game types. Reminded me of GTA-V, particularly as that is set in a parody of LA. Much better graphics though – and overall the feel is impressive. Look forward to taking the final game for a spin!
Forward Unto Dawn – Impressions from the Destiny Alpha
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