Sky TV is eating itself

So Sky has dropped the price of a Now TV movie pass to £8 a month which includes viewing on four devices and cancellation whenever you want. They also provide a customised Roku box for a tenner to essentially give you free multi-room access. Note the Movies pass IS Sky Movies plain and simple – repeat THE SAME MOVIES.

Meanwhile Sky Movies is £16 a month (discounted offer to £8 for Xmas but will go back up), Sky Go only works on TWO devices AND a subscription requires a 12 month contract!!

Sky are competing with NetFlix AND THEMSELVES!

NowTV Entertainment pass has just launched with all Sky’s channels (including Atlantic) for another £8 on top with all other benefits as above! That’s the best that Sky has to offer for £16 a month running on a PS3/XBox/NowTV box to your TV IN HD on a month by month contract!!

For a few more pounds you can add a Sports pass to complete the set and all in have change from £30 vs close to £100 via the set top box!!

So, you do the math – what is going to happen here when customers suddenly spot this?

I wouldn’t want to be a Sky TV sales rep right now (and in fact I just spent 40 minutes with one on the phone explaining why his best offer wasn’t good enough and him agreeing with my thoughts on Sky eating themselves).


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